Composer and Post-bop Pianist Jon Davis with Brian Boggess

Mr. Jon Davis and Brian Boggess having some fun at the Measure Lounge, Manhattan, NY.

Composer and post-bop pianist Jon Davis (Jaco Pastorius, Joe Henderson, Milt Jackson, Stan Getz, Mike Stern) arrived at Little Steven Van Zandt’s Greenwich Village studio on Tuesday January 26 to lay down an astonishing Hammond B3 organ solo for Brian Boggess Group’s upcoming second independent North American vinyl record release and first full album.

Engineer ace Mr. Geoff Sanoff was at the board ready with a fire extinguisher in case the Hammond organ keys caught fire from Mr. Davis’ nitro-glistening performances.

This album track will be designated A5, closing side A.

It starts out with a classical baroque instrumental motif, where Mr. Davis plays harpsichord along with Boggess’ guitar and bass. It immediately dives into a Latin world music ballad accompanied by Mr. Davis on piano with Brian Wolfe on drums, congas, bongos, and shakers.

However, comma, the final movement transitions into a spellbinding jazz fusion jam which stars Mr. Davis on Hammond B3 organ recorded directly to 1/2″ tape.

Think a more avant-garde jazz Rick Wakeman meets Frank Zappa meets Keith Jarrett…you can even throw in a little Beatles and Doors if you can handle all the sublimated juice…

Track A5 subsumes a new vibe jazz fusion beyond words which simply has to be heard…and it’s coming to a turntable near you…Now more than ever.


Jon Davis and Brian Boggess at Measure Lounge NYC

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