Brian Boggess Group Pianist and Organist Jon Davis

In the previous post The Brian Boggess Group announced drummer extraordinaire Brian Wolfe’s return to the fold who will take the helm as studio drummer for the BBG’s upcoming second independent national vinyl record release and first full album on Midnight Snack Records. Typically there is not enough room on an official press release to inform more contextually regarding group member bios. The BBG would like to take an opportunity to expound on another very special group member.

Jon Davis is the honored pianist and organist for The Brian Boggess Group which performs in a more traditional rock idiom. While Brian and Jon have known each other for nearly twenty years, what most people may not know is that Mr. Davis is the highly esteemed post-bop modern jazz pianist and composer who may be considered “underground” for many, perhaps more well known in Europe and Japan, and an unsung American musician of inimitable style and musical brilliance.

Most famously Mr. Davis performed piano on several studio albums that featured electric bassist Jaco Pastorius. Jon was a member of The Brian Melvin Trio that featured Jaco Pastorius on the vibrant album “Standards Zone” (recorded 1986, released 1990), which became Pastorius’ final recording. Mr. Davis composed the internationally acclaimed song “Wedding Waltz,” which is the most profoundly beautiful track on “Standards Zone” amid songs like “So What” by Miles Davis and “Village Blues” by John Coltrane where Jon Davis lays down an intensely dazzling, blinding, blistering, nitro-glistening piano performance. Mr. Davis is fully capable of stealing the show. Musician Magazine said of “Standards Zone”: “It’s got the distinct air of genius.”

Jon further appeared with Jaco Pastorius on Melvin’s “Nightfood” that also featured Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, the album “Jazz Street” as well as Pastorius’ posthumously released “Curtain Call” and “Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology.”

In the early 1980’s, Mr. Davis performed regularly with jazz legends Joe Henderson, Milt Jackson, and Stan Getz. Jon has also worked with jazz guitarist Mike Stern, singer-songwriter Norah Jones, and the one and only Toots Thielemans, among many other distinguished jazz musicians.

It is a distinct honor to have Jon Davis as a member of The Brian Boggess Group as Jon releases solo albums today on the Posi-Tone label such as his long overdue solo debut “One Up Front.” Jon keeps a busy schedule touring the world over, including appearances at the Hague Festival, touring South Korea and India with Beatle Jazz, and can also be seen live regularly at New York City’s finest jazz clubs such as Birdland, Smoke, The Kitano Lounge, The Knickerbocker Bar & Grill, Smalls, and Fat Cat.

Finally, it is remarkable to note that Jon Davis’ performance on The Brian Boggess Group’s “Debut EP” (2012), as well as on the BBG’s upcoming second national vinyl release and first full album on Midnight Snack Records, makes it the first and only rock ‘n’ roll record releases on which Mr. Davis has appeared.

“Debut EP” is a 12″ vinyl record (45 RPM) that consists of four songs. Of particular note is Mr. Davis’ delightful solo on “Jack Knife” and his blazing organ on “I Remember When” as it deliciously intermingles with Boggess’ guitar work.

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