Brian Boggess Group Second Independent Vinyl Record Release and First Full Album Nearly Complete!

The Brian Boggess Group is currently recording their second independent North American vinyl release and first full album at Little Steven Van Zandt’s private Greenwich Village studio with engineer Mr. Geoff Sanoff. Release Date: 2018 TBA.

Brian Boggess Recording in Steven Van Zandt's Studio 2015

Brian Boggess recording bass using Little Steven’s Hofner H500/1 Vintage 1964 Violin with flatwounds.

Drummer Brian Wolfe

Brian Wolfe tuning up his very own 1967 Ludwig kit. Mr. Wolfe brings his own drum kit, because that’s the way he rolls, baby.

Drummer Brian Wolfe w:Engineer Geoff Sanoff

Brian Wolfe tuning up his 1967 Ludwig kit with engineer extraordinaire Geoff Sanoff looking on.

Brian Boggess Recording Session Amps Vox Bassman

Just a few vintage tube amps being used for Brian Boggess Group’s 2nd album recording sessions. We also used Mr. Sanoff’s awesome 1959 Fender Champ, a Fender Twin (which shook the foundation of the building), and a 1969 Ampeg for the bass. The tweed in the photo is a Fender Bassman.

Brian Boggess Recording Session Amp Marshall

Yet more vintage tube amps being used for Brian Boggess Group’s 2nd album recording sessions.

Brian Boggess Recording Session Guitars 2

Brian Boggess’ Les Paul Standard and Fender Strat among several guitars used for the BBG’s 2nd album recording sessions, including, but not limited to, a Rickenbacker 350V63, 12-string Rickenbacker electric, Gibson ES335, Gretsch 6118, vintage ’64 Gibson SG, Martin acoustic, Fender Precision bass (rosewood fretboard), and Mr. Sanoff’s totally awesome maple top Fender Precision bass!

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